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Applique Essentials

Octopuses Garden Block #3 Kit SALE!
Originally $24.95 This kit contains the pattern for the Octopuses Garden block pictured, block size 13 1/2" square, as well as the exact background used in the original quilt and the applique fabrics as well.

Price: $12.95 each

Off The Block Applique Book
Off The Block Applique Pearl's step by step approach for successful appliqué
Easy to read pictured examples and illustrations
Convenient small spiral bound book that stays open
Overview of all the tools and materials needed for
prepping your appliqué off the block
96 pages with over 150 color photos

Price: $34.95 each

Orchard's Sweetest Offerings Kit
Orchard's Sweetest Offerings Kit

Price: $110.00 each

Peels Spool Huggers Individual
This is for individual sale of Peels Spool Huggers. Please let me know that amount of individual Peels you would like. These are also available in packages of 12. Keep your thread spools from unwinding. Made of rubber that adjust to any spool diameter

Price: $0.75 each

Peels Spool Huggers Package of 12
This is for a package of 12 Peels Spool Huggers. These are also available individually. Keep your thread spools from unwinding. Made of rubber that adjust to any spool diameter

Price: $8.99 each

Perfect Circles by Karen Kay Buckley
Perfect Circles Circle Templates for Applique Prepared Edge Karen Kay Buckley Hand or Machine Quilting

Price: $12.95 each

Perfect Leaves
From the creator of Perfect Circles, Karen Kay Buckley, come Perfect Leaves templates. Fifteen sizes of leaves, each precision cut from heat resistant plastic, together with step by step instructions to create perfect leaf shapes on your next applique project.

Price: $12.95 each

Perfect Ovals by Karen Kay Buckley SALE!
Originally $11.95 This package contains 2 each of 10 different sizes ranging from 5/8in to 1-3/8in. Following the directions included in this package you can make perfect ovals for your hand and machine applique.

Price: $10.95 each

Perfect Scissors Karen Kay Buckley 4 Inch Small Green
Perfect Scissors Micro Serrated Blade Applique Embroidery Karen Kay Buckley

Price: $20.99 each

Perfect Stems
From the creator of Perfect Circles and Perfect Stems, Karen Kay Buckley comes the New Perfect Stems. More sizes and new colors together with instructions to create those perfect stems for your next applique project.

Price: $12.95 

Pigma Micron Marker
Pigma Micron Marker Size .05 Black Applique Sewing Scrapbooking Embroidery Quilting

Price: $2.89 each

Pink Block Carrying Case
This square see-through Block carry case is perfect to carry your blocks up to 14 inches/37cms. The dual zipper allows you to open the bag flat. You can easily organize your quilting blocks for your classes and retreats or store at home. This carry case is NOT only for Quilters, it is a perfect storage solution for Scrapbooking, Papercraft, Embroidery, Applique and Needlepoint.

Price: $19.90 each

Precision Tip Assembly
Precision Tip Applique Glue Temporary Basting Glue Applique Hems Binding

Price: $3.95 each

Quilter's Proportional Scale
Quilter's Proportional Scale Enlarge Decrease Pattern Size

Price: $6.95 each

Richard Hemming & Son Milliners Size 11 SALE!
Richard Hemming & Son Milliners Size 11 Richard Hemming & Son Milliner Size 11 Large Eye needles Finest English Needles, perfect for any type of hand applique

Price: $2.55 each
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