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Bullion Knot Needles
Bullion Knot Needles Big Eye Straight Long/Regular From Tulip Company Limited In Pins - Straight

Price: $8.50 each

Clover Pinking Rotary Blade 45mm SALE!
Originally $12.95 This pinking blade fits the Clover 45mm rotary cutter.

Price: $7.50 each

DVD Applique Techniques
P3 Designs Pearl Pereira DVD Applique Prepared Edge Method Like Having A Class In Your Home Anytime

Price: $24.95 each

Fusamat 12" X 18"
This is extremely portable for any quilt maker. The advantages of Fusamat: Fusamat revolutionizes the applique process by allowing you to see through the mat during construction – making the applique process much easier. The tacky surface enables you to create your applique design in one easy composition. Its unique covering allows for a non-slip ironing surface and applique formation. In the past fusible would leak onto your iron and ironing surfaces causing a huge mess – new technology built into Fusamat stops the leakage of fusible altogether. Your Fusamat is easily cleaned, very strong, reversible and durable so it will take any beating you give it. This is truly a must-have for all of us who do and love applique!

Price: $55.00 

Heirloom Embroidery Scissors
High quality, stainless steel blades. Elegant European handcrafted design. Extra sharp points allow for delicate cutting and trimming, needlepoint, sewing, quilting and all types of stitchery projects.

Price: $19.95 each

Perfect Thread Bag by Karen Kay Buckley SALE!
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Originally $35.00 Each pocket has a strip of ultra suede and a zipper across the top. To use, open the zipper and place spools of thread across the row. Before closing the zipper, thread a strand of thread from a spool and then take the needle through the ultra suede. Assorted Colors - Let me choose one for you!

Price: $27.95 each
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